Andrea Cumin

Artist name Cumq, Andrea Cumin is an artist who has adopted the illustration digital technique thanks to the use of specific programs of image vector processing. By means of a sequence of different applications, he composes a final image assembled by a lot of various drawings, which combine together and generate the definitive file, then printed on a few millimetres’ thick aluminium support.

The metal support shows an intrinsic brilliance, which is also visible on the subjects printed above, and from time to time, gives a shining effect, which stands out against the context light and increases the strong contrasts between colours and figures. 

The digital printing technique allows to move freely on the size of the work and offers a wide range of possibilities for representation. Some works measure off few centimetres, as in the case of some portraits, on the contrary, other works are five metres long.

“I have also started for some months to fuse aluminium in order to create some statuettes and portraits. I have built a forge and fused tins and recovery material. The final target should be a sort of bas-relief made up with some melting layers, but I have not got it yet…”

Andrea Cumin

Work: Monsters in love.

Possible ways of leaving urban environments. Fanciful towns where figures and fellows always interact in different ways representing urban environments. The relation, emerging between those who live in the town and the town itself, is the basis of thoughts, leading to the birth of the work; every time it creates a new “environment,” the town is understood as a holder, which is different according to whom leaves in it. Sometimes hostile, sometimes maternal, other times chaotic and untidy. The game is represented by geometric figures, colours, and in spatial relations among the parts of the same picture.

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