I was asked «Why don’t you think of starting your own winery, Michele? ».
«Another winery? Are not there enough? » was my answer.
Then, together with my brother Matteo and Sirio Anfore, who was longing to experiment with the new prototypes of backed clay amphoras, I said: «Let us try»

So, we got aware that some of our winemaking processes had produced incredible wines. At that point, an eastern market advisor stimulated us: «Well, such wines can aspire to be appreciated in milieu of absolute prestige. » 

At the end, when we made acquaintance of Raffaele thanks to common friends, a big spark went off.

.. “It is also because in the neighbourhood of our winery two tributaries of the river Corno flow, once Rio Claro, in Friulian Roi Clâr.”
- Matteo Beàn

Roi Clâr, esplora il nostro vigneto ed acquista in cantina
Roi Clar vini a Noax Corno di Rosazzo - Udine
Roi Clar vini a Noax Corno di Rosazzo - Udine

Raffaele Petris

Sales manager and commercial director.

Matteo Beàn

Production manager.

Michele Beàn

Wine advisor and agronomist.

Behind the scenes

Raffaele Petris

Entrepreneur in entertainment field, owner of dance and nightclub Al Picchio in Sutrio as well as of a lot of important formats, among them Kathisma, Seven and Beverdì, and with twenty years of public speaking experience behind him.

Matteo Beàn

Matteo is versatile and methodical, a man of many talents; he has done everything in his life: he has worked in the chair industry, he has been a race car mechanic and he has moved from food production to bottling lines. Nowadays, he divides his time between Roi Clâr and the Colmello di Grotta winery in Farra D’Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia.

Michele Beàn

Alias Vino Mancino, he is the cofounder and owner of Sirio Anfore. In this business since 1998, he has cooperated with a lot of important companies all over the world: from the most reputable wineries to world’s most unexplored places, where centennial vineyards still exist.

Manufacturing process

Roi Clâr grapes come from mature and, in some cases, centennial vines. Our wine research aims at obtaining unusual and courageous products without at the same time abandoning their sense of good and health.

Our wines are not characterized by high volatile acidity; we always try to carefully manage and control all the possible oxidation-reduction phenomena.

The Linea Primo wines are crisp, straightforward, and intriguing but at the same time genuine, whereas the Linea Cru wines are complex, mature, honest, deep, soft, and mineral.

“No certification exists that may offer more guarantees than those given by the winemaker himself.”
- Raffaele Petris

Roi Clâr Partners