Our vineyards are located in the sub-hamlet of Noax, a small outlying hamlet of Corno di Rosazzo, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from the border between Italy and Slovenia.

This area is situated at an altitude of approximately one hundred metres above the mean sea level, nestled amidst the impressive Rocca Bernarda and the sober Abbey of Rosazzo, and we live on the hills that are the first to receive winds from the Adriatic Sea, few miles from here as the crow flies.

All the vineyards are set so that a distance of 250 cm and 120 cm among the vine plants is kept. Some of them are planted with a row spacing of 100 cm.

Roi Clâr Friulano

From 1920 to 1960 Merlot and Friulano (once Tocai Friulano) vine grape varieties have been planted and in the nineties Pinot Grigio started to be cultivated too. Our Friulano is ancient; the oldest vine plants have got an elongated cluster with yellow-amber coloured grapes, and when they are ripe, it is possible to see the seeds through the peel. As the moles that mark the people’s skin.

Roi Clâr Merlot

On the opposite side of the vineyard, you can find the Merlot wine, which has been present in Friuli for over 500 years. A very dense grape, from which one obtains a wine with blue nuances, such as mountain bilberry, sycamine, and violet.

La terra dove nascono le uve Roi Clâr

Pinot Grigio, Ribolla and Malvasia

As all the vineyards in the hills, up here you can find both marl, ”ponca” and sand-stone soils that, going down, becomes more and more clayey. It is here, near some Ribolla and Malvasia plants, that the Pinot Grigio thrives.

La Cantina

Instead, the wine cellar… the wine cellar is situated in Manzano, just a handful of kilometres from Noax, inside the marvellous sixteenth-century estate, Villa Beria.

Why our wine is our wine

The grape harvest takes place only by hand and by using small cases from the beginning of September to the second week of October. 

In the winery we start the vinification process with passion and attention. The Line Primo wines are aged in steel for some months, whereas the Line Cru wines are kept in Sirio amphorae for 12 months, afterwards they rest in glass bowls up to the moment they are ready to be launched on the market.

We want that minerality, fruit and elegance are present in all our wines. We also think that wine should be appreciated as it is, without combining it with food.