Primo Bianco

Available from novembre 2021

It is the result of the union of different grapes belonging to a great vine variety, which has made the history of Friuli: Pinot Grigio. Its sweet notes give a complex and an aromatic sensation. The Pinot Grigio fresh fruit confers freshness, acidity, and sapid notes, which characterize this blend of grapes in a strong way.

Ageing: In Sirio's anphorae

Food pairing: It is excellent with appetizers and first courses; it also goes well with second fish dishes.

Informazioni su Primo Bianco


Additional information


Bianco – Friuli Colli Orientali


2020 year

Soil profile

Mixed marl soil

Grape harvesting

Hand-picked grapes


In steel


Selected yeasts


In Sirio’s amphorae

Sensory evaluation

Appearance: yellow, with golden yellow reflections., Bouquet: clear caramel flavour of Pinot Grigio, together with the jet fresh and intense notes of Friulano., Tasting notes: soft, fresh, and mineral, it fully embodies the best of the three varieties thanks to its particularly sapid finish.

Food pairing

It is excellent with appetizers and first courses; it also goes well with second fish dishes

Serving temperature

10-12 C° grades


Friulano Pinot Grigio grapes

Need to know:

Roi Clâr grapes come from mature and, in some cases, centennial vines. Our wine research aims at obtaining unusual and courageous products without at the same time abandoning their sense of good and health.

Our wines are not characterized by high volatile acidity; we always try to carefully manage and control all the possible oxidation-reduction phenomena.

The Linea Primo wines are crisp, straightforward, and intriguing but at the same time genuine, whereas the Linea Cru wines are complex, mature, honest, deep, soft, and mineral.

What makes unique our land

Identity and production

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